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I accidentally (on purpose) bought a huge bag of sour patch kids-- I'm not typically a sweets kind of girl but pregnancy has changed me. Tay and I have been going on walks every night and the weather has been spectacular. We attempted to have another backyard bonfire with our friends but the fire kept dying... so we decided to star gaze in the backyard instead, but it was overcast (so we ended up just lounging on our inflatable couch all evening long). Other photographers keep messaging me just to tell me that my recent work is some of my best work yet-- I love nice people who go out of their way just to be kind. The fact that the Alpine Loop is open and Tibble Fork isn't under construction anymore deserves a million thumbs up. I've successfully knitted two tiny little newborn hats for our coming babe. And Taylor gave me the green light to start ordering some baby necessities-- he's probably going to regret that soon (I can't help myself, I want all of the cute baby things). Tay and I found the ultimate walking trail just a few minutes away from our house. We had a million sticky fingers at Wingers for dinner last night (#yum). Taylor put on a shirt I bought for him this morning and he looked so dang good in it.


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