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The Alpine Loop is one of my very favorite parts of Utah. It's a mountain road that winds through hundreds of gorgeous aspen trees and travels from one canyon to another (Provo to American Fork and vice versa). It's only open for about a third of the year due to weather conditions that make it unpassable (aka winter and snow). I was actually concerned that it may not open as early as Memorial Day this year due to the sheer amount of snow we received this winter. But, lo and behold, it's once again open to the public!

We headed up there yesterday with a couple of good friends who enjoy beautiful views and photo-taking as much as we do. We drove with the windows down and the sweet scent of summer greenery filled the car (and my heart) with happiness. I can't even explain the scent-- it's something you've got to experience for yourself... but it's glorious! Plus everything is SO GREEN right now!

On the Provo side of things, you wind in and out of groves of aspen trees on a little mountain road. The further you get up the mountain, the larger the trees become. I've always had a special place in my heart for aspen trees; Taylor and I actually did our bridal photos up the Alpine Loop (which is another reason why I absolutely adore it-- it's nostalgic). We pulled over often to admire the views. The way the sun filtered in through the minty green leaves and caressed the bodies of the trees was simply magical. Even Kingsley couldn't contain his excitement. He tugged anxiously upon his leash in every direction, desperate to smell new smells.

Once you come around the point of the mountain and start descending on the American Fork side (if you start in Provo and end in American Fork), the scenery changes a bit. The aspens are replaced with monstrous pines that go on as far as the eye can see. We started the drive around 6pm and came across the top of the mountain around 7:30pm (but like I said, we made a lot of stops along the way). The sun was barely peeking over the mountaintops, spreading its golden light across only the very tops of the pines.

The road skirts along steep drop offs, which makes the views (even from the inside of your car) pretty miraculous. The most distant mountains become hazy with sunlight and it almost seems as if it's all too perfect to even be real. This early on in the year, Mount Timp is still frosted with the last remnants of snow from winter. 

One of my favorite overlooks of all-time is actually on the American Fork side of the Alpine Loop. You come around a bend in the mountain and suddenly you see a mountainside completely covered in pine trees and the very top of Mount Timp peeking through in the background. It's stunning. As a matter of fact, there's a parking lot that I always make a point to pull into and stop at so we can snap a couple of photos. Maybe someday I'll have a hundred photos of us standing in that exact same spot over the course of years and years and years.

We made a small pit-stop at Tibble Fork before making our way out of the canyon. Tibble Fork had been under construction for quite some time but we had heard rumors that the construction was finally done! I'm here to let everyone know that the rumors are true! Tibble Fork is no longer under construction and it's better than it's ever been. They got rid of the marshy area on the far side of the reservoir and ultimately made the whole thing bigger by taking it out. They added some sand on one little portion of the reservoir too. And now there's a dock that you can walk out on and fish. On the far side of the reservoir there's even a rope swing and the perfect little place to swim (but the water is pretty cold). We only spent about ten minutes there exploring but you bet we'll be spending a lot more time there throughout the summer. (Maybe I'll see you there?)

Like I said, the Alpine Loop is one of my favorite things to do in Utah. It's the perfect place for a Sunday Drive-- just bring some snacks and the mountain will do the rest. Cruising through the aspen trees and pines with the windows down just re-confirmed to me that summer really has begun. The sun is here to stay and keep us warm while we play (woah, unintentional cheesy rhyme). I've always loved Autumn-- it is and always will be my most-favorite time of the year, but every year Summer puts up is a pretty solid argument as to why it's every bit as amazing as the Fall.

Utah really is such a spectacular place to live. There are so many spectacular things to see and do and it's all within a four hour drive from where I live. Red rocks, salt flats, magnificent mountain drives, reservoirs and ponds with awesome rope swings-- you name it. Summertime in Utah really cannot be beat.

I have a feeling that this Summer will be one for the books. I'll be 100% huge and 100% pregnant the entire time, but that won't stop me from making the most out of these short summer months! There is so much to do and so much to look forward to. I couldn't be more excited.



  1. It looks absolutely incredible! I would love to visit Utah one day and your post is definitely convincing me of this.

    nat // dignifiable

    1. You definitely need to make the trip to Utah someday! It really is such a spectacular place to be. I'd recommend visiting during the summer months, however, just because that's when you can have access to all of the most beautiful places!

  2. Replies
    1. If you plan on coming back to Utah anytime soon you definitely need to drive it!


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