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When we first found out that I was pregnant, I told Taylor right off the bat that I thought I wanted a girl. BUT, I'm one of those crazy superstitious people and I figured that, just because I claimed I wanted a little girl, the baby was going to be a boy. So when the ultrasound tech said those fateful words, "it's a girl!" I didn't fully believe it. I waited a couple of weeks until we had a follow-up scan to double-prove it so I could actually believe it. 

I guess Tay was right, we've got a daddy's girl on our hands.

I can't even let myself think far enough ahead to the moment when Taylor will hold her for the first time because the mere thought of it fills up my heart with too many emotions and I feel like I'm going to explode. So I guess we'll just keep taking this all one little step at a time. 

Guys, I'm having a little girl.



  1. Before anything else, I just wanna say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Second, congrats on your pregnancy and congrats on finding out the gender of the baby! Do you have names in mind yet?

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Thank you so much! You're so sweet for saying that. And as far as names go, we have a standing list that we just keep adding names to. We're not sure if we're going to seriously consider any names until we actually meet her, though!


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