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bump: this week our baby is the size of an avocado (hence me quoting that viral christmas video of the little boy opening up an avocado as one of his presents, "it's an avocado!" a million times a day). My lil' bump is actually starting to show through my clothes. So that's exciting.

weight gain: officially putting on those extra pounds. 7lbs and counting.

cravings: polish dogs from Costco (don't even ask me why), water-- so much water, cup-o-noodles (again, don't ask me why???), every juice imaginable (apple juice, sunny d, etc.), potatoes, cafe rio pork salads, and Korean food (because I couldn't have it while in Norway).

hardest part about being pregnant: the exhaustion, hands down. I thought I felt tired when I was serving as a missionary in Korea, or when I played soccer every day for 3+ hours, or even when I was living off 4 hours of sleep a night and taking six AP classes at once-- but let me tell you, all of that was NOTHING compared to how tired I've been feeling lately! Maybe it's just because my pregnancy exhaustion was paired up with jet lag, but I can't seem to stay conscious while doing things like watching movies, sitting in a car (or plane), etc. anymore. Heck, I swear I can't even stay conscious while walking. It's becoming rather ridiculous.

movements: I felt my FIRST little baby flutterings while we were in Norway. I couldn't seem to sleep so I got in the shower at 4am and was minding my own business and BAM-- my stomach erupted with a strange fluttering sensation. I froze immediately (while in the middle of rinsing shampoo out of my hair) but the fluttering stopped and I wasn't able to feel it again. But I've felt little flutterings every now and then since that fateful shower.

weird pregnancy moment: my mom used to always say that she lost a little bit of her brain power + sanity with each pregnancy she experienced and I just laughed and said, "sure." But now, NOW I get it. I'm having the hardest time remembering the names of things. For example, when we were flying home from Norway, we had a short layover in Stockholm, Sweden. I couldn't for the life of me remember "Stockholm." I think I asked Taylor at least fifteen times where our layover was, "I know it's in Sweden but like, what's the name of the city again? I know it, I just can't remember it..." There have been several other instances in which I cannot seem to remember things-- but ironically enough, I can't really remember what I couldn't remember so there's that.

I promised myself I'd be good at doing these and I'm lol-ing because I think I skipped a whole month since the last one. And, like I said, I'm having the hardest time remembering things. So good luck to me as I try to update my personal journal with all the random little facts and stories that I failed to document here. I've been so bad at journaling. Oops?


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