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My belly is starting to round out. It's a strange thing to have a doctor place an ultrasound machine to your belly and see the image of a tiny little human pop up onto the screen. It really hadn't felt real until our most recent appointment. Our baby looks like a baby-- from the button nose to the cute little toes-- our baby looks like a baby. The ultrasound tech was kind and gave us oodles of time to watch that little baby goof around within me. It would curl its arms up around its face and then start doing weird yoga-like poses with its legs. Those little arms and little legs didn't stop moving and kicking the whole time we sat watching. I heard Taylor gasp several times and exclaim things like, "Oh my gosh!" and "This is so cool!" from the chair beside me. I couldn't even find words to say. I just sat there smiling as I fought to keep back the tears welling up within my eyes. I felt so much love for Taylor Dale; I stole several little glances in his direction before looking back up at the screen that projected images of the little life growing inside me. Babies are so cool. Growing a baby is so cool.

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