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We've basically barricaded ourselves within the four walls of our hotel room in the middle of LA for the last day and a half. I haven't been feeling super well so we've been gearing up to get on a 10 hour flight to Norway by relaxing. We spent our elongated layover napping, ordering food to our hotel room, and watching fixer upper. But I suppose if there's any city to be cooped up inside a hotel in, it's LA. Why? Because basically every restaurant delivers and all the food is two thumbs up. We've had quite the delicious assortment of of tacos, thai food, and pizza (and we never had to actually leave our hotel room). My belly has been permanently happy, to say the least. 

We had originally planned to hit up Disneyland during all of this downtime, but we last-minute decided that my body would probably hate me-- it wouldn't necessarily be the best way to start off the trip considering the fact that my body has already been rather stubborn with the whole pregnancy thing. 

There are two ways to spend vacations: lazily or adventurously. We've got plenty of adventure packed into the next couple of weeks, so we figured it would be okay to start things off on the lazier side of vacationing. I'm definitely not complaining. Besides, we wanted to spend as much time as possible in this cozy hotel bed before having to sleep on a plane for an entire night. Wish us luck! 

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