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Cleaning out all of the closets in our home and getting rid of the hidden garbage that's been camping out in the darkest corners of our abode all winter long. The week-long Harry Potter marathon currently going on with our BFF's. Photographing an entire wedding with Taylor right by my side. Taylor bought me a new water bottle (click here to buy one for yourself because I swear by these things). Planning more fun trips for this year (before I'm a little too pregnant and not allowed to fly). Hearing baby's heartbeat again. The fact that we leave THIS WEEK for our trip to Norway! Also the fact that it's May. Diclegis (my meds for morning sickness). Setting a goal to blog more + also accomplishing that slowly. Late-night visits to Bahama Bucks for shaved ice (red raspberry with creme will always be my fave). Finishing a book a week for the last few weeks. Meeting up with a friend that I haven't seen since high school. Stupid facebook vdieos. Spending oodles of time with Taylor Dale all day every day.  

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