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The fact that 90% of my happy list posts feature a photo of Kingsley makes me laugh. He makes me happy, okay!? Sometimes, when I'm bloated, I can stick my stomach out enough to actually look like I'm pregnant (and not just housing a food baby). I'm adjusting back to the Utah time nicely-- I just had to sleep for two days straight to get over the jet lag. The weather in Utah has been warming up ever so nicely. The other day we sat out on the lawn and played fetch with Kingsley for over an hour just because the sunshine and warmth felt so nice. We're probably camping out in the backyard tonight (maybe more excited than I should be??). I'm having a baby girl-- which still doesn't feel real. I ordered a massive box of airheads off of amazon because I felt like it (I forgot how delicious they are). I'm going through my closet and getting rid of clothes I don't wear (again). We're getting a new (to us) car soonish. Taylor and I went on a 2 mile hike on the prettiest walking trail near the Provo boat harbor. We got up extra early on Saturday for a morning engagement session and watching the sun rise from behind the glorious Utah mountains was fantastic. We got to watch our baby put up a fight with the ultrasound tech... she's stubborn, just like us. I got a new phone case (I'm obsessed with phone cases). It really is starting to feel like summer. 


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