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Rainy, Sunday drives up the canyon with good friends. Norwegian chocolate. The weird hug Kingsley gave my leg when we saw him again for the first time after a long trip (I swear that dog is actually human). Being home after living in suitcases and hotel rooms for an extended period of time. Sleeping in our own bed. Having access to my entire closet full of clothes again. No longer dealing with crazy airports. Hitting seventeen weeks of pregnancy. Reflecting upon all the people I got to meet and places I got to see in Norway. The way Taylor talks to my belly each night before bed. Feeling really content with life just as it is and the direction in which it is heading. The thought of wearing swimsuits and it actually being warm outside (we're not quite there yet... somehow it's still pretty cold halfway through the month of May but I'm staying positive). Also the thought of me putting on a swimsuit with this slowly progressing baby bump (lol). Making Taylor read all the baby books I'm reading so that we can talk about it all instead of it being me just explaining every little thing I read to him. The fact that he's actually enjoying said "baby books." Feeling itty bitty baby flutterings for the very first time-- so weird but so cool. Being back in Provo where we have access to KOREAN FOOD. Also going grocery shopping at 7am and laughing at all the crazy + random foods I bought because I had been craving them for two weeks in Norway.


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