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What do you get when you put three men, shovels, gasoline, a big pile of rocks and a pile of old sticks together? A spontaneous backyard bonfire. If you look closely, in one of the pictures the guys aren't even watching the dancing fire-- but rather, they're watching an egg cook on a cinderblock next to the fire while deeply (and silently) contemplating life. #squadgoals

We didn't have much of a plan prior to our Tuesday evening festivities, but the outcome was better than we could have imagined. Sometimes having no plan turns into the best plan. Our friends had a bunch of "firewood" (so to speak) piled up in their backyard that they'd been meaning to get rid of, so the three men dug a pit, built up rocks around it, and then continually tossed sticks and wood into the pit to fuel the fire. We told stories, took photos, and laughed as the guys conducted a science project with an egg and a cinderblock.

I think some of the most memorable moments in life are the ones that come entirely unexpectedly. It's good to have a plan, but sometimes it's good to let your plan be to just go with the flow and see what happens. You never know when you'll wake up one day and have a bonfire in the backyard-- embrace the unexpected.



  1. Cooking the egg on the cinderblock totally reminds me of something my brothers would do. And I agree with you - embrace the unexpected! Yesterday I woke up and we decided to walk along the train tracks in our backyard to the Maverick and get drinks. It was so simple and not planned, but so fun. Those are the best memories.

    1. That sounds like such a blast! It reminds me of the days back before I was old enough to drive and my sister and I would ride our bikes a couple miles to the nearest snow cone shack during the summer to get snow cones. Spontaneity really does spice up life!


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