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This hidden gem is located right about here (click for directions), smack dab in the middle of Utah. It's great for just about anything you'd want to do: camp, explore, play, photograph-- you name it. We headed down with a group of friends this past Sunday and spent the entire evening stuffing our faces with popcorn whilst sprinting to and fro across the dunes and trying to avoid getting sand in our eyes (goggles aren't a bad idea, I'm being 100% serious). 

When we first arrived, the weather was a wee bit temperamental; there was a little bit of rain and a whole lot of wind. The dunes were spitting up sand in every direction. Our legs were quite literally sandblasted for about ten whole minutes before we could hardly handle it for a second longer. We sprinted (as quickly as we could through piles of sand) back to the cars and waited out the storm from the comfort of our vehicles (but we managed to snap a few golden pics before retreating).

Thankfully, the storm ended up clearing out pretty rapidly. We didn't have to spend too much time huddled in our cars before the sun made it's grand reappearance and the wind finally settled down enough to cease attacking us with gusts of devilish sand. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening, at that point. The sand was as soft as could be beneath our bare feet. We walked along the ridge of a dune and watched the sun make a slow descent beyond the horizon. We all ventured down to Little Sahara together with our significant others in tow, which made for a romantic evening full of cuddles and kisses for everyone. 

If you've never made the trip down to the dunes, now's the time to do it! It's such a beautifully breathtaking place. It feels almost as if you've stepped into a different world (I'm talking star-wars worthy) the moment you step foot into the sand. Such a magical experience. 


*all photos of both Taylor and I are by our talented friend, Andrew.

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