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swim top : kortni jeane 
Consider this my warning to anyone who hates "bumpdates." I'm going to be cliche and do them because a) I've had a couple requests from friends and family to do so and because b) I think it will be fun to look back and remember little things like this. So, if you hate these things, feel free to ignore every bumpdate I ever post (I promise, I won't be offended).

Anywho, I ordered a cute new swim top from kortni jeane for the summer (so that I'd actually have a suit that would fit me) and it came in the mail yesterday morning. I was so excited about it that I had to try it on immediately-- which resulted in me looking in the mirror and seeing the little bump that my belly has become and it absolutely AMAZED me! So much has changed in just the last two weeks. I'm amazed at the whole growin' a baby thing that our bodies can do. It's so dang cool.

baby: this week our little one is the size of a plum.

bump: it's so early on and I feel like that little bump of mine is already anxious to make an appearance. Little show off. Or maybe I'm just extremely bloated 100% of the time? (insert laughing emoji here) All I know is this: every time I eat (even if I eat minuscule amounts of food), I look 6 months pregnant soooo.....

weight gain: 3 pounds.

cravings: baked potatoes, apple juice + ginger-ale concoctions, fruit popsicles, bagel bites (lol), and watermelon sour patch kids.

hardest part about being pregnant: puking (unfortunately). Let's just say I was not blessed in the morning sickness department.

best part about being pregnant: seeing the our baby grow a little more each time we go in for an ultrasound appointment. It's so cool to see the transformation from a little bean to actually looking like a baby (just with a really, really big head). Also, it's cute because from the moment I got pregnant, Kingsley hasn't left my side. He knew about the baby before we did, I swear.

weird pregnancy moment: I was never really a crier. But ever since I got pregnant, I've been extra-emotional (cliche, I know). Taylor showed me this video of a nerdy guy coming back from last place and winning the 400 meter dash in the olympics years and years ago and I was sobbing by the end of it! We're talking huge, pearly tears dripping down my cheeks uncontrollably. And Taylor just laughed at me. He shows me videos like that on purpose because he thinks it's funny to make me cry. hahaha

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  1. YOU ARE THE CUTEST! Please keep doing these, I love them!


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