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| dress + tutu skirt : amazon | pearl necklace : vintage (belonged to my grandmother) | shoes : ross |

We got the fun opportunity to play dress up and hop all the way back into the 50's last night (thanks to the ever-talented Taylor Elaine Photography and the transformation powers of Mindi). It was like stepping into an alternate reality with poofy dresses and lots of pearls. I could hardly recognize myself when I looked in the mirror and saw my hair all done up in curls-- it was fun to see what I would have looked like had I been born in another decade (but if I'm being honest, the 90's will always be my fave). 

Someone, when looking at these photos, exclaimed that I looked exactly like my sweet grandma back in her glory days. I couldn't help but to smile at the thought, seeing as my grandma is a total babe. She has these portraits up in her home of her and my grandfather when they first got married; she had lovely dark curls, flawless ivory skin, and cheekbones dusted ever-so-perfect with a dainty pink blush. When I was younger, I used to sleep over at her home quite often. My cousin and I would sit upon our grandma's bed and try on all sorts of rings, necklaces, and clip-on earrings from Mimi's incredible jewelry collection. We'd stare up at the photograph of her and try to look as pretty as she did. I love looking back upon those sweet moments!

Hope you enjoy these fun, themed photos! Make sure you check out more of Taylor's work HERE (you won't be disappointed). 


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