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The starburst jelly beans that come out every year for easter (hands down the best jellies in the whole world). Spring rainstorms-- I always leave the windows open so I can hear the soft pitter-patter of the rain against the pavement outside. Mini Sunday road trips with good friends and good road trip snacks. Finding a really good book on my Kindle (that was only $2). Taylor being all nerdy and showing me his cute spread sheet on excel of all of our financial plans for the next year or so laid out ever so perfectly. Getting cute photos back from our new friends. Literally being so close to getting on a plane for Norway that the excitement is crippling. Also being so close to potentially finding out the gender of our little babe!! Kingsley acting like a human baby (lol). Midday naps. Diet cokes that remedy the worst headaches. Getting a bunch of compliments on my $3 skirt from DI. Utah and all of its gorgeousness.

photos by andrew.



  1. Can you please do a tips post on how to get cute couple photos? Dying over yours every post!

    1. I would totally feel weird trying to tell other people how to pose because most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing, BUT, I'll write up a post (or even better-- make a video) just for you!


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