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Social media blowing up with pregnancy announcements. Simultaneously eating raspberries and snap peas. Utah showin' off lots of really nice greens. Game nights with old friends and the family (anyone else obsessed with the bean game?). Restarting Lost and hearing all of the Korean that I never was able to understand the first time I watched it (in middle school). Reverting to wearing Taylor's clothes more than my own (thanks for sharing, babe). Buying a bunch of yummy smelling things from Bath and Bodyworks (guys, university mall has $10 off all 3-wick candles right now). Day-dreaming about NORWAY! The fact that Taylor is watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix as I write up this post. We find out the gender of baby gunther two weeks from today! The prospect of going camping this weekend (maybe... if I feel better than I've been feeling). Planning out the next year with Taylor (so excited about the things we've got in store). The feeling that summer is coming sooner rather than later. 


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