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My fireball little sister just got home from her eighteen-month mission in Des Moines, Iowa. Growing up, she had so much spunk and attitude-- and that hasn't changed a bit. When she first appeared at the top of the escalator, it was impossible to miss her because she was garbed in a multi-colored poncho that fell all the way past her knees. A large grin spread across her face the moment she made eye contact with those of us waiting at the base of the escalator. Her feet hit the cold floor of the airport and she instantly plowed into my mom, hugging her while bursts of tears flowed from their eyes. 

There is something about missionary homecomings that tug upon my heartstrings every single time. I don't even have to know the family to feel all of the raw, return missionary emotions again. I always flash back to my own experience coming down that escalator and it's impossible to not feel all of it all over again. There were so many missionaries returning home from the Iowa Des Moines mission that morning and it was really sweet to watch each and every one of them be reunited with their families. 

It's now been a couple of days since this glorious reunion, but watching this video still makes me so happy! There were so many little moments I missed in the whir of excitement and emotions that took place when she descended the escalator, but now I get to look back and experience some of those minor details that I didn't get to experience the first time around.

I'm just glad to have her home! For the first time in YEARS, my family doesn't have a missionary out serving and we almost don't know what to do with ourselves. Our next missionary won't leave for about two years, so we've got some time before we temporarily lose another family member to the work of the lord (I guess we better make sure we get our family photos done or something). 



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  2. I can't see the video. It just keeps spinning around and around. :( Tried for an hour.

    1. Hey! So I checked it out both on a laptop and on a mobile device and it's all been working fine. I did also share it on my facebook page, if that helps.


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