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Taylor and I are really into making lists of things that we want to accomplish. We're definitely the "dreamer" type-- but the making lists thing probably came from the fact that we both served LDS missions. This year we have so many things that we'd love to accomplish (or at least aim to accomplish)! I think it's important to make goals and lists, even if you don't end up accomplishing everything and crossing it all off. Too many times we're guilty of making excuses rather than making plans. Don't be afraid of wanting to do something that may seem out of your reach-- just write it down somewhere and tell yourself that you can do it. Make lists of things that could help you to accomplish it rather than allowing yourself to make a list of all the reasons why it's not possible. Anything is possible if you've got enough determination. Make a list of the things you'd *ideally* like to cross of your life bucket list this year (or just things you'd genuinely like to be better at), no matter how big or small those things may be. And then do what you can to make it happen! Here's our (shortened) bucket list, now, what's on yours?

1. Visit Norway
2. Go to Disneyland at least five times.
3. Drive up the Oregon Coast
4. Visit Dubai
5. Make a Utah Adventure Guide.
6. Tackle the challenge of film photography.
7. Make really cool new friends.
8. Master the art of Korean cuisine.
9. Visit at least five new states.
10. Buy a bigger (adventure) car.
11. Read a lot of books.
12. Visit the Redwood Forest.
13. Camp. A lot.
14. Be better at video documentation.
15. Start a group of weekend road-trip junkies.
16. Get rid of all the things in our life that aren't being used/aren't necessary.
17. Go to San Francisco.
18. Eat Whale Steak.
19. Start at least one new tradition for each major holiday.
20. Eat better.


  1. Hey we are doing some of the same things this year - yay for fun trips!

    1. Ohh, what fun trips do you guys have in store for this year?


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