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This past week has been all over the place but I wouldn't have had it any other way. We're getting all of our upcoming plans for trips sorted out and it's making me really excited for all the fun things we've got coming up! This is such a fun and exciting time of life. It's such a happy and hectic time of life too. The weather in Utah has been extremely bipolar but I'm not going to complain about it because everyone else already has (hahaha). 

I watched the minimalist documentary on netflix and then cleaned out my entire closet.
Family game nights every other night with good food and a whole lot of laughter.
Spending a lazy Friday with Taylor watching friends and eating Korean food.
Both dogs slept in our bed for a whole night without waking me up once.
Sunday walks with the best friends and lots of camera gear.
Watching the dogs happily play in piles of snow.
We ate korean food three times this week.
Very unexpected but very happy news.
The days are slowly getting longer.
Long afternoon naps.
Hot chocolate.

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