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Hey there, friends. So, Emily is basically my role-model because she's so good at documenting a list of happy things that occur each and every week. I've so enjoyed reading her cute, happy lists that I've come to the conclusion that it is now time for me to start making happy lists of my own each week (hold me to it)! I feel like the simple, happy things of life are sometimes so easily overlooked and forgotten, so this will hopefully help me to be more aware of the good things going on around me and the little things that fill up my heart with joy.

Baths featuring a skull-shaped bath bomb with a hidden healing crystal inside of it.
Painting a galaxy on my face and hanging out in an old abandoned bus (for fun).
People who are always inspiring, positive, and uplifting via social media.
Reorganizing my closet for the millionth time (bye-bye old clothes).
Finally getting all caught up on the sessions I've needed to edit.
Looking through all of my old, old photo albums.
Planning our trip to Disneyland next month.
"I love you" texts from Taylor Dale.
Playing walleyball with the fam.
Taylor's grandpa laugh.

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