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This sweet boy passed away early Saturday morning. He died quickly and experienced no pain, but it was a bit of a traumatic experience for us. It was unexpected and sad. I spent a better part of the day crying-- I didn't know what else to do. He was our little pup, we loved him. 

We had a little funeral for him and shared some of our favorite memories of him. Kingsley shuffled about near our feet, sniffing and searching for Dopey, but whimpering as his attempts proved useless. He was so close but so far away. 

"Well, Dopey wasn't the brightest dog... but he had an ability to love like no other dog we've seen. We'll miss his broccoli-cauliflower smelling farts and his little piggy noises. We were very grateful for the opportunity we had to take him from the abusive life he had before and give him a loving home. I may have been short, but it was worth it. He was plagued by physical and mental abilities and we know that where he is now, he won't be plagued by those anymore. We weren't sure if he was a dog, or a parrot, a pig, or a shark... maybe he was a combination of all those things. Maybe his disabilities came to be because his spirit was just too big for his little doggy body. He's probably a nine-foot tall doggy Einstein now with a deep, glorious bark. Woof. We're going to miss his cuddles and ear-lick-sucking-thing that he would do. He loved food of every kind and had the ability to summon old, lost toys up from the ground in our backyard. He loved everyone and was afraid of everyone, all at the same time. We'll miss him walking around the house with us, never more than three inches away. We'll miss the way he refused to go on walks and would end up being dragged around by Kingsley. Thank you Dopey, for loving us unconditionally every day we got to spend with you. We love you, Dopey. And we'll see you again sometime, you nine-foot tall, glorious soul." 


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