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Saying goodbye to lil' Dopey was one of the hardest things we've ever done, but we promised ourselves that we'll always have a couple of pups  in our home to care for (because all dogs need homes). This past week, we welcomes little Luna into our family *yes, she is named after Luna Lovegood. She's a bernedoodle (bernese mountain dog + poodle mix). She's only three months old and she's already surpassed Kingsley in size (which is no real surprise)! Her dad was HUGE (and adorable). Initially, we weren't planning on getting another dog so soon, but we met Luna and everything just worked out for us to get her (PLUS she was the most adorable thing and we couldn't say "no" to that sweet little face). 

Losing a pet is a really hard thing. But getting a new pet to love and care for can ease the sadness and make your heart feel happy again. 



  1. Where did you get her?? I feel like those are hard to find! So happy for you guys and your new fur baby. RIP Dopey :(

    1. There's this bernedoodle breeder here in Utah that does such a good job! We actually have come across several people in the last couple of weeks who have purchased puppies from her!


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