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I'm a firm believer in doing the things you feel passionate about. I don't see the purpose in meandering through life doing anything BUT the things that welcome happiness, enthusiasm, and joy into your existence. That doesn't mean you eliminate all sadness, failure, and disappointment from your life (because, of course, that's impossible); but it does mean that you choose to chase after your dreams and make a point to do what you love to do. Sadness, failure, and disappointment will come, they're unavoidable obstacles in life, but they'll be drowned out by the enthusiasm pulsing through your veins as you sprint forward towards your passions and your dreams. If you love what you're doing, if you love the direction you're headed in, then the negative parts of life are really only minor stumbling blocks in the grand scheme of existence.

If you love dogs, get one. If you love New York City, go. If you love Korean food, eat it three times a week. If you love painting your nails, never hesitate to buy yourself new nail polishes to try out. If you love photography, challenge yourself to get out and take a new photo every single day. If you love fashion, sew. If you love your boy, marry him. Live your life passionately. Fill your days with the things you love. Write your own life story. 

Quit making excuses and start making PLANS. Don't say you can't afford to travel, instead, donate plasma twice a week for three months and you'll be able to afford it. Cut back on eating out all the time and you'll be able to afford it. Get another job. Budget, save, travel, repeat. Don't say you don't have time to read, instead, cut back on Netflix hours and you'll have time to read. Carry a book around in your purse and read when you're waiting at the doctor's office or sitting in a long line at the grocery store and you'll have time to read. Make it a priority, make it happen. I hear people making excuses all the time, but I rarely hear people making plans. Anything is possible when you make it a priority. Life's too short to live it adequately; live it passionately. 

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  1. Yes to all of this, so true! I always say if you REALLY wanted something, you would make it happen.


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