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I wish I was better at coming up with witty and intriguing titles for all of these blog posts, but I'm not-- so we'll all just have to put up with the fact that they're all terribly redundant and boring. We hit up the mountains with an old/new friend this past week after a big snow storm (and the usage of both "old" and "new" isn't just an oxymoron, it's one hundred percent accurate. How? #highschoolfriend (we reconnected)). I don't care if you love snow or you hate snow-- I think we can all agree that it's probably one of the loveliest tricks mother nature has up her sleeves. 

There's something about a white blanket of soundlessness that opens up the mind to feel calm. We treaded through the powdery snow and let its quiet beauty fill our hearts with wonder. I'm grateful for my camera because it encourages me to get out and find beautiful things. It encourages me to travel into the cold, frozen mountains when maybe I wouldn't have otherwise. The thing about photography is that it allows you to seek out all that is lovely and then create loveliness by the way you decide to capture it. It's really empowering and it changes the way you see things.

I'm glad that December has come. I like December and all that she brings with her; christmas trees, cozy sweaters, three cups of peppermint hot chocolate a day, gift-giving, snowy days, more cuddles (because its cold), the lights on temple square, and lots of holiday cheer. (Now I just wish we had time to visit Disneyland while it's all dressed up in its finest Christmas attire.) Welcome, December. It's nice to have you here.

photography by Claire Boyle.


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