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We spent a couple of days in warm, sunny Arizona with the Bagley side of our family. We're weird and we love road trips, so we thoroughly enjoyed not only our time spent in AZ, but also the entire drive down (and up) as well. We fill up all of our "travel hours" by long chats, me reading aloud to Tay, and singing along at the top of our lungs to the random music we come across on the radio. We were only in Arizona for a few days, but the seventy degree weather was well-worth it! I'm a firm believer in vacations where you drive somewhere... and do basically nothing the whole time you're there. It's amazing. 

Anywho, that was our last road trip before we start school again next week (which I'm less than enthusiastic about. I love learning... but I don't love school because of all the busy work and bleh it involves. But whatever). We bought plane tickets to Norway for two weeks in May (to celebrate the completion of our semester and to celebrate the 17th of May, a Norwegian holiday, in Norway)! So the sooner school starts, the sooner it ends... and the sooner we get to go to Norway. Yay. 



  1. Wow - Norway! That sounds like quite the trip. I have always wanted to go to Scandinavia. I love that lemon tree! And your cute puppy!

    1. We're so excited! My husband served a mission in Norway, so it's been one of our "must go" places for a while now. And thank you! We quite loved the lemon tree (and our pup) too!


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