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  1.  My favorite color is blue (but not one particular shade of blue, more-so every shade of blue... does that even make sense?). 
  2. One of my biggest goals for travel is to visit each of the fifty states in the United States. Taylor and I actually made this goal together-- we've somewhat "started over" so to say and we're only counting the states that we've visited together (so far, we've visited nine). 
  3. I'm the middle child in a family of nine (only counting kids). I love big families! Tay's family is also a big family and he is also the middle child in his family (which is kind of cool). People always ask us if we're going to have a big family too-- and I don't think we'll have quite as many kids as our parents did (but we really respect them for raising us).  
  4. I'm sometimes still scared of the dark because I always freak myself out and assume a serial killer or some kind of angry, tormented ghost is going to come for me when I turn out the lights.
  5. When I was five, I had a major accident + a major surgery. The doctors actually told my mom that I would likely never speak again (because long story short, my entire soft pallet got ripped out of my mouth-- gross). They said that if, by some miracle, I could speak, I would have to go through years of speech therapy but would never attain a normal speech level. The morning after my surgery, however, I woke up, turned to my mom and said, "I want waffles." She started crying immediately but I didn't understand why. I never did have to go to speech therapy. 
  6. I've completed at least fifteen different journals in my life (starting at the age of twelve). 
  7.  Marrying Taylor was the best decision I ever made. But that didn't mean that I wasn't terrified to make the jump into marriage. The hardest part of my marriage to Taylor were probably the months in which we were engaged and not actually married yet. Now that I'm married to him, life has been oh-so-great (I'm actually convinced that I couldn't reach my full potential without him). 
  8. I have so many things I thoroughly enjoy eating that I couldn't pick just one "favorite," but some of the most-liked foods as of late include: tacos, bibimbap, dukkbokki, mashed potatoes, and popcorn. 
  9.  I love the sky (I'm actually taking an astronomy class next semester that I'm really excited about). Morning, mid-day, evening, night-- you name it, I love it.
  10. I didn't know how much of a dog person I was until I actually had dogs of my own. Now I can't even walk past a dog without wanting to stop and pet it. 

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  1. I was at your house when you had that accident! It's embedded in my memory!
    I took an astronomy class at Dixie. Loved it!


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