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Once upon a time we went to a camera store on my birthday and ended up walking out two hours later with the contact information of a new friend scrawled on a yellow sticky note. Today, we headed to the mountains with that same new friend and spent the grey afternoon scrambling through dead bushes and trees, gaining new scratches every step of the way. Then our new friend introduced us to his wife and we had yet another new friend. 

Long story short, God is really cool-- he puts us in the right place at the right time more often than we even realize. He leads us to new friends and new experiences when we're least expecting it and then all of a sudden our hearts are filled with gratitude and we realize that He's been watching out for us all along. So yeah, the end.


  1. Those are the best moments! I love meeting new people like that! It's the best :) It sounds like you all had a lovely time!

  2. Awe these are too cute <3

    If you're new friend was named Emily and worked Allen's Camera then get at me! Friend in common!


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