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I'm at a crossroads in life; there are many paths down which I can walk. But I don't step this way or that-- I stand still, gazing down the different roads stretching out before me, lined with numerous possibilities. My hands are clenched into fists... maybe I'm scared or anxious, maybe I'm frustrated, maybe I'm not sure why they're clenched at all? But my knuckles have turned white and my muscles have begun to ache. Here I stand, waiting, contemplating, not moving so much as an inch. 

One path looks warm and bright, another looks strange and mystical, and another looks rather normal and safe (no risk involved). My heart is pulling me one way, my head is pulling me another, and the world around me seems to be whispering to pick neither and go a different way altogether. And so I don't move, I don't budge, I stay exactly the way I am-- holding still, barely breathing, while my head threatens to burst into a thousand different thoughts and rain down over the earth like a strange kind of confetti. 

I feel a warmth beside me-- it envelopes my right hand first and then slowly wraps around my left shoulder,  crossing my entire body to pull me into a comfortable embrace. I hear the words, "You can do anything you put your mind to because you are you," whispered into my ear, leaving a faint trace of breath as the silence once again settles. I look over and see a pair of blue-green eyes grinning back at me. And for a moment, all the worry, all the heartache, and all the confusion washes away; I'm overwhelmed with love. 

I could go this way or I could go that, I could travel for days down one path just to turn around and take another, or I could stay still, stuck in a moment of indecisiveness, staring into oblivion and trying to pick out patterns in the darkness-- in the end, I'll end up somewhere and it will be a somewhere I could have never imagined on my own. I've got love as a companion and no obstacle will be too great for us to conquer.

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