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Schedule, plan a little, plan some more, pay the bills, go to work, schedule time to do nothing (something comes up), family obligations, school, homework, tests, oops--rent is due, daydream about what you'd rather be doing, clean the house, where'd all the paper towels go? Car accident, more bills, more scheduling, more tests, more work, no sleep. Repeat.


Stop planning, stop worrying, and stop stressing. Stop thinking all together. For a moment in time, stop and just BE. In a world that is constantly moving so quickly, it's easy to get swept up in the current of things but it's important to take a step away from it all and just exist in a moment of time where you've got nothing else to do but to exist. Maybe that moment will only last for a couple of minutes or maybe it will last for a couple of hours, but take the time to stop and just be.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don't just endure your days, enjoy your days. Paint your favorite childhood memory. Go for a walk. Visit your grandparents (they've got a lot of great stories to tell, I'm sure). Read a book. Meditate. Take a nap. Cook that dinner you've been wanting to try! Go to a new restaurant. Start a new hobby. Do whatever it is you need to do to pause all the things causing you grief in your life.

Make time for what matters most.
Make time to relax and live life happily.

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