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Some of my all-time favorite pictures are the in-between shots at family pictures. This year, with Tay's family, we did our own family photos using my camera, tripod, and remote. As I was sorting through the images, I found a ton of photos of us all scrambling to stand together and look somewhat presentable. There were also at least ten pictures of Taylor trying to figure out why the remote wasn't working (insert laughing emoji here). Of course, my favorite ones were the shots of the madness between every planned shot. 

I love Thanksgiving! We always celebrate the day before with Tay's family (and we never eat turkey with Tay's family, we always do fish and chicken). It's been a fun little tradition because now we get at least two thanksgiving dinners every year (and we don't get sick of all the turkey). One of my favorite traditions we have on the Gunther side of the family is going to see a new movie in theaters after our Thanksgiving dinner. This year our movie of choice was Disney's new movie, Moana (which was adorable). 

On Thanksgiving day, we woke up to a little surprise: we had fraudulent charges on our bank account. Someone got started on their black Friday shopping a little early (and they were funded by us)! I couldn't help but to laugh because I was pretty frustrated about it initially-- especially because we couldn't call the bank and take care of it right away because everything was closed for thanksgiving.  BUT, it was a good reminder to be thankful no matter the circumstances! There's so much to be thankful for, no matter the challenges or difficulties that may arise. 

We spent the day at my grandparent's house with all of my siblings, my mom's two brothers, and a bunch of cousins. It was hectic and loud, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. This year, as I sat with my family, it hit me how old we're all getting. I still imagine my younger brothers as tiny, squishy little kids, but one's a junior in high school and the other is in eighth grade. My nieces and nephews are now twice as tall as I think they should be, and they'll only keep getting taller. Life moves fast. It's good to have a day where we sit back, eat good food, spend time with family, and recognize all of the little and big blessings in our lives. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Good luck with the fraud charges! I had problems with that when I was robbed in Boston! But, the Bank of American Fork took care of everything! If you bank there, no problem...especially with the name "Gunther." that Kallin with a pony tail?

  2. Awe I miss the beautiful Valley views of Utah at night!


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