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"Sorry that all this crap is going down on your birthday..." (#MostPopularPhraseOfTheDay) I just have to laugh at how many people apologized when they found out that my birthday lined up perfectly with Election Day. If I'm being honest, however, I find it all to be insanely entertaining. There's no other way I'd rather spend the last few hours of my birthday than watching the votes coming in and awaiting the results of the election (I'm totally not being sarcastic, either.)

Today was a perfect day. I spent every waking moment with Taylor. We ate good food at new places, explored, and bought some camera gear (we are now officially owners of a film camera-- wish us luck in our endeavors to figure out this new medium of photography). I love this boy of mine. I love this life we share together. Happy Birthday to me, I guess.

Twenty-one was good.
Twenty-two will be too.

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