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We went on an adventure yesterday. Girded in my Lord of the Rings pants and unicorn shirt, I hiked a mountainous trail with Arica and Tay that lead to a mysterious alternate universe (kinda) in the middle of nowhere. There were piles of rubble and debris that told the stories of forgotten yesterdays. Every inch of the concrete was painted over with a vast array of colors-- golds, reds, blues, greens... We brought colors of our own; we wandered through the maze of fallen walls and let our eyes search for meaning in the chaos. Eventually we let our bags fall to the ground and we began to paint our own stories upon those walls.

It had been a ridiculously stressful week. Painting out all of my pent-up feelings was the best kind of therapy. I painted our last name, a sad alien man, a flimsy christmas tree (but ran out of green paint-- hence, "flimsy"), and the word "love" in Korean. I didn't really think about the things I wanted to paint, I just began and let whatever happened, happen. It felt good to clear my mind. It was almost as if all of the paint being pressured out of the spray paint can was a hypothetical release of all the stress and anxiety that had been building up within me. So therapeutic.

Now I guess I get why so many other people spray paint random things on random walls.
I can identify with that now.


  1. Is this in Monroe? I always wanted to go there and graffiti something! Your alien is awesome haha. Painting really is so therapeutic, is it not?!

    1. So this place was in Genola (literally didn't know that tiny town existed until we went there). But you should still seriously consider going and throwing up some graffiti there sometime (obviously when you make it back to Utah). It's so fun! And yes, painting is the best thing ever. I've recently gotten into watercolors and it's the first thing I do when I start to feel stressed out or anxious.


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