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We welcomed this little man into the family yesterday afternoon. He's got the sweetest little spirit. His name was originally Charlie, but seeing as I have a brother-in-law named Charlie, I think we're looking to find a different name for him (which is fine because his former owner was Russian and we're pretty sure he has no idea what we're saying when we speak English-- and also he's non-responsive to his name). We named our first pup "Kingsley" because I love Harry Potter and my subconscious self remembered that in the naming process the first go around (although it took me a while to finally remember where the name even came from, and we did spell it a bit differently). I think we're wanting to stick with the Harry Potter themed names, though. I've had a few picked out but nothing fits him quite yet.

Feel free to leave Harry Potter themed name suggestions below (creativity welcomed).


  1. I've always said that when I get a dog someday, I'm gonna name him Dobby. Our dogs will have to be good friends haha.

    1. I honestly don't know how we weren't ever friends before because... I mean, come on. But yes. Our dogs will be the best of friends someday!

  2. Um ok these pups are adorable!!


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