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Lately, a lot of people have told me how lucky I am to have a husband who allows me to take so many pictures of him. I agree, I am impossibly lucky. Taylor is the perfect husband. But here's the thing: the term "perfect husband" means a million different things all at the same time. You see, every person has different needs, strengths, weaknesses, etc. That being said, every person consequently has a different definition of "the perfect husband." Taylor, in fact, is the perfect husband for ME. He makes up for the things I lack and helps me to strive towards my full potential as a human being. He understands the things that matter to me and helps me to push forward through the obstacles in my life that are most difficult for me. He laughs at my dumb jokes and loves me in my imperfections. Taylor is the perfect husband for me.

I guess the whole point of sharing this is merely that I think everyone has every ability in the world to find the perfect spouse for them. Everyone has a different timeline. Everyone has different goals and experiences. Everyone is different. Every relationship is different.

But that's the beauty of it.


  1. Those pictures are the best idea! And I like what you had to say a lot. No single person is 'perfect', but we definitely have perfect people for ourselves... our own perfect matches. What may be perfect for one person will not be perfect for another. I think that goes to show just how much God loves us. Every experience and relationship we have are all suited to our own needs, and it's up to us what we make of them.

    1. Yes! God is so good to us. We are each given exactly what we need and exactly WHO we need as we travel our own life course. It's such an exciting and wonderful thing to know and understand.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts!


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