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We drove up Provo Canyon with our two lil' pups and watched the sunset from Squaw Peak tonight. Fun fact: I'd never actually been up there before. I have to laugh at myself because I'm pretty sure that whole taboo about it being the "make out point" probably plays a role in that? I was too busy making fun of why people went up there to ever make it up there myself. But for the record, it's lovely. Everyone should enjoy the view from Squaw Peak at some point during their Utah existence (okay, sorry, that sentence was heavily influenced by Korean).

Taylor and I have always loved traveling and seeing new things. But I realized recently that there are a lot of places and things in Utah that I have never experienced. I've lived here basically my whole life and I guess I figured that I'd seen it all-- but I've seen very little of it! After I married Taylor, I've seen more of Utah than I ever before had, but there's still so much to experience before we set off to venture through life in new places. So, while we're here in Utah finishing up school, we plan to explore more of Utah and discover all those really cool places that have been hiding from us for so long.

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