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We got to pay a visit to my old mission home on our second day in Korea! Conveniently enough, the first hotel we stayed in was only a few blocks away (give or take). It was pretty surreal to walk into the office and meet a bunch of unfamiliar faces-- it's funny because I always imagine things to be just the way I left them; as if once I am gone, those things and places stay stuck in a moment in time, awaiting my return. Obviously I know that's not the case, but my sub-conscious likes to believe it's so. I think that's why we have such a hard time with change! Things don't stay just the way we left them and it makes us feel so vulnerable-- nothing is truly under our control. 

We spent the day meandering through Olympic Park. I guess you could say it's somewhat comparable to Central Park in NYC. When a city is full of skyscrapers, busy roads, and lots of public transportation + people, there needs to be some sort of an escape. So that's why we have massive parks in the middle of massive cities, duh.

The views were gorgeous! We entered from the side of the park where a little rose garden is located, then made our way through numerous fields of flowers and forest-walkways that were dispersed throughout the park. I think the most entertaining part of our walk through the park were the strange statues that were hidden among the trees alongside the path... I won't go into detail about just how strange the statues were, but you can take my word for it.

In Korean parks they typically have these little "work out" sections where they install so-called "exercise equipment." In my opinion, however, the exercise equipment doesn't really do much at all. In essence, you basically sit there in public looking like you're getting in a good work out, but in all reality, you're just flailing your limbs about while standing on/holding onto random metal poles that don't contribute to your physical well-being whatsoever. Are you surprised that Taylor spent a whole ten minutes "working out" for all the world to see as he let out bizarre "work out" sounds and counted his reps, making all the cute Korean grandmas cast him strange looks? Me neither.

I have a random, weird story to share and it doesn't really belong with any of the Koera posts in particular, so I may as well just tag it onto this one! The first hotel we stayed at was a little hotel in the middle of the city called "The View." Long story short: it completely lived up to its name! When we checked into our room the first night we were surprised by the "fancy" bathroom door (FYI: my mother was sharing a hotel room with my husband and I). The bathroom door was a full-on glass door. Consequently, the door was also completely see-through. And ironically, the shower and the toilet were placed in the perfect spot behind the see-through glass bathroom door to be in perfect view of everyone in the hotel room. The best part? The name of the hotel, "THE VIEW," was perfectly placed on the see-through glass bathroom door. Great view, right? (STILL DYING OVER THIS FACT. Who designs a hotel room like that!? I mean, was this on purpose or were the architects just idiots? One will never know... but we got a real kick out of that.)

Today was our last day touring the beautiful land of Korea-- we were dropped off at our hotel near the airport and we get to board our flight bright and early tomorrow morning. I can't believe that it's all coming to an end so soon. At the same time, however, it will be so good to be home (and we honestly just miss our dog. Is that pathetic? Yeah? I don't care). I was in tears on so many different occasions throughout this trip and I'm sure I'll get around to sharing the details of the remaining days that we spent here once we get home-- but I'm just glad to be here. I'm glad that I got to bring Taylor back to my mission so soon. And I'm glad that this world is full of so many incredible places to explore. Goodnight, and wish us luck!


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