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We got to spend an evening in Insadong (guys, I'm so bad at romanizing Korean. I don't even know how I'm supposed to write out Korean words in English)! If I'm being completely honest, as a missionary, I didn't actually know much about this place. But I soon became very aware that supposedly EVERY foreigner who lives in Korea is well-acquainted with this particular location (aside from missionaries, I guess). 

It's a cool place because it's saturated with various little shops where you can buy any kind of traditional Korean object that your heart desires. Not only that, but the restaurants there are pretty great and there are a bunch of other interesting things to do and places to visit. We were in Korea visiting our friend, Yongsung Kim, who just so happens to be a rather well-known Christian artist! That night there was actually a big gallery opening where several of his friends' pieces were being displayed, so we accompanied him to the opening party. 

Our friend speaks very little English, so our conversations were carried out in Korean (I translated basically everything from English to Korean and Korean to English throughout the duration of our trip to that my mom and husband could be a part of our conversations as well). Koreans are the best and they are always really impressed whenever a foreigner can speak their language. It was hysterical to attend the gallery opening and continuously surprise people by the fact that I could communicate with them in Korean. I loved seeing everyone's reactions! 

The art on display at the gallery was truly inspiring. It's cool to see what kind of things other people can create. I'm always touched by the way people portray the ideas that pop up in their head. That's one of the reasons I love experiencing all the different forms in which art is created! There are so many creative individuals in the world with so much to say-- sometimes they just speak better with their creations than with their words. It's also just cool to see the way artists describe their culture and society through the way they create. Art can say a lot about both the time period and culture from whence it came. 

I never quite know how to end these posts-- so I'll just end it with this: the end.

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