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Gangnam is one of those places you have to go sometime in your life (and then you can visit the rest of Korea too because it's awesome). There are at least a thousand things to do and you'll never have enough time to do all of it. We attempted to go to a Dog Cafe (one of those places where you buy a drink so you can play with all the pups that literally live in the cafe and it's a horrible idea and a wonderful idea all at once) but the one we attempted to go to wasn't open anymore! Tay was the most sad because he was the whole reason we were going to go in the first place... sorry, love. 

We stayed in this cute little guest house (which is basically a hotel for foreigners and it's a cool set up because you can stay for a few days or even a few months, and it's extremely inexpensive but also really nice-- depending on the place, of course) just a bit north of the main attractions in Gangnam. We ended up not getting to spend as much time in Gangnam as we would have liked because our plans were so busy and all over the place, but at least we got to spend at least a little of time there! One of the things I'd say you've got to do while in Gangnam is go to the underground shopping center near the subway station. It's unreal. If you like cute clothes and cheap prices, it's the place for you. Korea has so many underground shopping centers and they are basically the bane of my existence. All the clothes are typically $5 or $10, depending on what you get. But everything is so cute. Like, I would go to Korea just to shop. And also just for the food. And also just because I love it (but I'm obviously biased). 

Our hosts also took us to Namdaemoon market to go shopping-- which was also incredibly affordable and full of so much stuff. But I would say that this market is more geared towards the older women, whereas Dongdaemoon market is more geared towards college-aged kids and students (we didn't get a chance to go there because we went to Namdaemoon for my mom and then ran out of time-- but it was still good and I still got some good stuff). We also visited Myongdong-- which was awesome as well. But I would say it was definitely a bit more expensive than the underground market stuff (which, isn't hard because that stuff was so cheap). Long story short: go shopping in Korea someday. The end.

We got to go to the Seoul Tower one of the evenings we stayed in Gangnam. It was a rainy, moody evening-- but it was awesome. Looking over the entirety of Seoul from the top of the hill put so much into perspective for me. There were so many people. Each of those lights throughout the city represented at least one person. One person with a story, a life, connections. It's crazy to think about your own life and realize how many people you know and all of the things you've accomplished. And then when you realize that everyone has a collection of relationships and accomplishments from their own life, you realize how elaborate this existence truly is. There were so many lights in that city. There were so many people moving about, doing things, meeting people, accomplishing things; and that was just one city. There are so many cities in the world. There are so many people. And I'm just one little light in this big world full of lights.

Traveling is cool because it gives you a new perspective on life. Traveling is cool because you feel blessed for the life you live. Traveling is cool because you meet new friends and try new things. You don't have to go to another country to explore. You don't even have to go to another state. You can find places you've never been just by going outside.

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