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The fact that Tay's face hardly changes in all of these photos makes me laugh.

I had never done a "couple's costume" before, so this year was extra fun (because everyone knows that the only thing better than planning one halloween costume is planning TWO halloween costumes). Last year we were out of town for halloween and although I set my costume out so I could pack it... I somehow managed to forget it (which was honestly so devastating for me because I love halloween). So, anyway, we made up for last year's failures by stepping up our game for this year! What better way to mend broken heart strings than with Harry Potter? 

Our costumes were only about $25 collectively (yes, as in BOTH of our costumes TOGETHER were $25). So that was pretty neat. We mixed and matched things purchased from my favorite asian shopping website and DI. I'd say things came together rather nicely. (Oh, and Taylor's red hair coloring was purchased from the always-dependable Amazon.)

When I served my mission in Korea everyone would tell me that my celebrity look-alike was "Hermione Granger," which I took as a massive compliment because I mean, Emma Watson is the coolest. (But I had to take it all with a grain of salt because people also told me that I looked exactly like Kristen Stewart... and all of my companions). What do you think, did we pull off Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger well?

Happy creepin'.
Happy haunting. 
Happy candy-eating.
Happy Halloween!!

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