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We spent the weekend in the mountains with some family. Utah welcomed the coming of Fall this week... and apparently winter as well. We were driving up the winding mountain roads when we caught sight of the first leaflets of snow drifting out of the foggy haze. Where we were, it turned into slush, but higher up on the mountain, the snow managed to stick. It's pretty spectacular to see seasons combine. The trees were all shades of orange, yellow, and red-- but the sky was eerie and dark. Mist rolled over the treetops all night and continued throughout the morning, too. When the snow began to fall, the world grew quiet. This is my favorite kind of weather; the moody, emotional kind. You know, when it seems as if you'll happen upon a coven witches or starving vampires during your forest wanderings. This also just so happens to be my favorite time of year. So do yourself a favor and get outside (but don't forget to take some hot chocolate with you). If you have no one to go with, just call me. 


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