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Hello, September. It's nice to see you again. This time last year we were bustling around and attempting to put together the last little details of our wedding party plans. This year, the leaves seem to be catching fire early. We drove the alpine loop to say hello to our old friends, the mountains. The sky looked heavy and dark-- I'm sure it will rain tonight. Fall may come early this year and I'll anxiously await her golden appearance. We were cliche and visited Starbucks afterwards, you know, to buy our favorite autumn beverage, caramel apple spice (I call it "fall in a cup"). The summer light clung to the sky, living out it's last moments of glory. But the winter sun is coming, the days are growing shorter, and the air is growing colder.  I like it when the seasons change-- it makes room for new things. 

Summer is holding on, but fall is coming.
And that makes me happy.


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  1. This post is making me way too excited for fall! I just feel that the world comes alive in the fall time!! :)


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