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I've decided to start a new blogging series entitled "Favorite Things." There are just so many little things that bring me so much happiness and I want to start sharing some of those things. I'm going to try and share one favorite things post a week from here on out-- hold me accountable for this, guys! For this week's post I'm going to talk a bit about a little beauty company that I am quite obsessed with!

I'm not much of a "beauty blogger," to be honest (we all know this), but I can't help but to share my thoughts about  ipsy. Last year my older sister was raving about how much she loved this company! Given her high levels of enthusiasm, I wanted to see what the company was about, so I signed up for  ipsy myself. To sum it up quickly and simply:

Ipsy is a company that sends out a monthly package with five various make up/beauty products in an adorable little pouch. Each month they come out with a new cute design for the bag PLUS you get five new make up products! As the months go on, you can review the products to receive "points" towards earning free products, and the new products you receive in your monthly bags are based off of the the things you lied from your reviews (so, in other words, you get the kind of product that you WANT to receive-- whether that's lipstick, brand names, etc). The subscription is only $10 a month, no shipping fees, no extra charges. That's it!

All that being said, I would 100% highly recommend subscribing to anyone who fits the following criteria:

a) Loves make up and/or beauty products
b) Likes receiving things in the mail
c) Is too afraid to buy new make up products without trying them first
d) Likes to try new things!

I have been so impressed with the experience I've had in my year subscription! It honestly gives me something to look forward to when I get the email notifying me that my ipsy package is on its way. I've really liked most of the products I've received. Sometimes I get stuff that I'm not too jazzed about, but I just say that in the reviews and they send me more of the things I do like in my next bags. You get "points" for each product you review and you can redeem those points for free stuff. If you save up your points you can get "bigger" prizes OR you can cash in all your points frequently for lots of smaller things. I've loved all the little make up bags that the product come in, too! They're so handy as purse organizers, make up drawer organizers, and they're great for keeping things organized when you go on trips. 

If you have any questions or whatnot about the program, feel free to ask them below and I'd be more than happy to answer them (to the extent of my own knowledge). If you want to try signing up and experiencing it for yourself, just click HERE. Like I said, I've had a really good experience with this company and I'd highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!


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