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I swear, the months pass by more quickly than they come. The past couple of weeks have been a blur of things to do, photoshoots to take care of, and moving all of our possessions from our old place to our new place! We're still in the middle of a million things at once, but the pieces are all beginning to fall into place (I know, I know, you've heard that at least a million times this summer). I have to laugh, however, because although things are beginning to "work out," we've had all sorts of things begin to break or fall apart! The tires on BOTH of our cars are having issues (we are the champions of having car problems, I swear) and last night, as we were driving home, my phone glitched for a second, froze, and then suddenly turned off. And now it won't turn back on. Tay and I have this running joke that, no matter what point of life we may be in, we'll always have something that needs to be fixed. But all the problems and broken things aside, I'm just glad that Taylor and I can laugh at the unexpected inconveniences that present themselves so frequently in our lives.

August is a big month, though! My younger sister has officially been out on her mission for over a year (WHAT?). Taylor and I got engaged August 12th of last year (also, WHAT?). And just the fact that we've already reached the eighth month of the year is kind of a big deal, I think. Is anyone else concerned about how quickly this year keeps moving? It's not a bad thing, I just can't seem to keep up with it.

I hope that as things begin to get a bit more settled in our life, I'll be better at checking in here. I've been quite good at going MIA-- hopefully that will change (but I'm not making any promises-- yet).


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