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I waltzed around the beautiful, outdoor wedding reception snapping pictures of all the intricate details, the big moments, and the little moments in between. I watched as the newly-wedded couple held each other close-- they were never more than a couple of steps away from one another. The way the groom looked at his bride warmed up the hearts of all those who beheld it. Those who came to help the newly-weds celebrate their new beginning wore content smiles upon their faces; everyone was happy on behalf of the young, new love.

Later in the evening, the sky turned a bright shade of pink and the crowd gathered beneath the dimly-lit canopy to honor the bride and groom's first dance. They held each other close, whispering sweet nothings in to one another's ears as their faces lit up with laughter. Not a soul in sight could deny the love that this couple shared. 

I let my eyes wander past the newlyweds and on to the crowd of faces watching them share their first dance. As I scanned the group of onlookers, I saw new couples and old couples, I saw married couples and unmarried couples, I saw so many different types of love-- all in one crowd of people. I heard the voice of a stranger behind me mutter something barely audible about their spouse, "Wish we still liked each other that much." And just like that, the wheels in my head started spinning, coaxing out all of my thoughts about the term love

When I think "new love," I think of the freshly-engaged couples who wear perma-smiles and can't bear the thought of being away from one another. I think of endless giggles, thousands of kisses, and playing together in a river. I think of newly-weds staring into each other's eyes in their first few moments together as man and wife. I think of high school sweethearts stealing away in the middle of the night to go on some sort of reckless adventure. When I think new love, I think raw, reckless, exciting, and, well, new.

And then there's old love; an elderly, retired couple sitting on the porch swing outside the front door of the house they've built together-- sipping lemonade and holding hands. A lovely, wrinkled wife ordering something for her sweet old husband (without having to ask him what he wants) at the well-known diner downtown. A late afternoon walk together one lazy August Sunday whilst watching the rowdy grandchildren rampage through the neighborhood so their parents' get a bit of a break back home. When I think old love, I think comfortable, dependable, practiced and warm.

The thing is-- I want the love I share with Tay to be both old love, new love, and all the love in between. I want our love to be spontaneous but consistent, exciting but expected, and adventurous and calm all at the same time. I see new love and I see old love and there are traces of the love I share with Taylor in both of them. I want to keep it that way. I want our love to endure every phase of life and still be exciting. I want our love to be the thing I can always count on to be a pillar of strength and happiness in my life. There's old love and there's new love and I want both. Forever.

And I think that's a perfectly reasonable thing to yearn for.



  1. This post seriously brought tears to my eyes!! So beautiful, and so true!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you agree with me!


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