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Here's a fun fact for you: Tay and I have eaten Korean food EVERY day this past week... it's been wonderful. Maybe other people would get sick of it (which I cannot even fathom), but we can't seem to get enough of it. SIDE NOTE: I'm serious when I say this: if you have not already tried Korean food, GO TRY IT. If you're scared and you don't know what to order... just ask me and I will give you some all the suggestions you need.

Also, exciting news: I got a new lens in the mail this past week! All the photos on this post were from the first day I had it. I took my sister-in-law/best friend out to an empty lot out behind her house and, although it may not look like it, there were houses in every direction, but we managed to make them disappear with a couple of tricky angles. Long story short, I'm in LOVE with it. Anyone want to go shoot with me?

Tay and I will be officially moving into our new place by the end of this upcoming week! Technically we've been sleeping there already, but it's been empty the entire time (aside from our handy-dandy air mattress) because it's been under construction. We're throwing new paint up on the walls and getting all of the carpets cleaned, so as soon as we finish all of those projects, we'll be free to move in all of our stuff! I couldn't be more excited. We've been extremely mobile for the first year of our marriage-- heck, we're a couple of nomads. But we're excited to finally settle down more permanently.

Anywho, this post has no real purpose. But I figured I'd share it anyway.



  1. What lens did you get? These pictures look so good!!! :) I've always been hesitant to try Korean food because I've heard it's pretty spicy, and I am super sensitive to that stuff.. what would you recommend? ;)

    1. My new lens is the Canon 24-70mm and it's the best thing since sliced bread. And don't even worry, I feel like everyone is hesitant about trying Korean food. It can be scary when you have no idea what to expect. Yes, a lot of Korean food can be pretty spicy, but if you get one of their Bulgogi's, they are SO GOOD. It's basically just Korean barbecued meat-- you can get pork, beef, or chicken. Another fantastic thing is Bibimbap. It's a bowl full of rice, vegetables, and meat with a really yummy sauce on top. The sauce is a bit spicy, but it gets dulled down a bit because of the rice. And Korean spicy is SO different than a lot of other "spicy foods." It's something that I can't even really explain, but that you'd just have to try.


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