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The whole process of moving into our new place has been quite more complicated than we originally anticipated, to say the least. But today is the day that we will finally get to move in all of our things and start putting our home back together (yay). We got the walls repaired + painted and the carpets cleaned, and somehow nothing went as planned and everything took longer than expected. But the carpets have finally finished drying and our couches are begging us to move them out of storage. :)

We're basically pro at moving all of our crap around, though. So I guess that's cool. We won't be using that skill again anytime soon (thankfully). Wish us luck as we move our stuff around and try to figure out how to make this house into our home. 


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  1. The beauty about this place is that it's not just a unique space in itself, but it's a full-service catering space as well, and the food at San Francisco wedding venues is incredible. We worked / developed a relationship with them over the course, and nothing is out of reach.


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