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We had so much fun last time we drove down to Mona to play in the ponds that we decided we had to go at least one more time before school starts-- but this time we brought plenty of friends to keep us company! We also brought several flotation devices (including one of our inflatable couches). We were only there for a couple of hours but all that exposure to sunlight and water wiped ALL of us out pretty quick!

A couple of memorable moments were:

1. Me almost ripping off my left foot. I was the first one to fling myself off a thirty-foot platform in order to get the rope-swinging party started, but I neglected to hold on to the lower rope (a little black one attached to the bottom of the main rope) so it wrapped around my ankle just before I let go and I ended up being momentarily suspended upside down above the water, dangling from my ankle. Thankfully I didn't hang for long before plummeting head first into the water-- all I have to show for it are a bunch of gnarly bruises lining every inch of my ankle. LOL. 

2. Taylor and Q sharing the deflating-inflatable couch out in the middle of the pond. It had lost so much air that they were sandwiched together in the very middle of the couch and couldn't even move. It was adorable.

3. The fact that Arica and I bought matching space-swimsuits and wore them like we're twins or something (for the record, EVERYONE thinks that she's my sister... but in all reality she's married to my brother so we're not even blood-related). 

4. Kingsley groaning in annoyance when we tossed him into the water. He literally was grunting the whole time he was doggy-paddling. He kept trying to swim to the shore but we were mean and made him stay with us in the water. He made a couple of good almost-escapes, though. 

5. The magical pictures I was able to take of Arica and her magic space suit! Literally she looks like an alien queen or something else really mystical and awesome. 

It was such a fun day! To anyone who has never ventured to the Mona rope swings: GO. It's not too late to make one last-ditch effort to create some awesome end-of-the-summer memories!



  1. Wow those pictures are awesome, and those swimming suits!!! Love it! I have heard of this place a million times but have never been. Looks like fun!

    1. You've definitely got to go! Make the time and just go for it. :)


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