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Yesterday evening several members of my family ended up unexpectedly gathered at my parents' house; we were all there for different reasons, but those varying reasons brought us all together-- and it's been a while since we all got to spend an evening together. This summer has gotten the best of all of us (or maybe it's just adulthood that has kept us all extremely busy). All "busy-ness" aside, however, I was glad we all ended up together last night. 

We sat on the back patio and watched the sun make its slow decent behind the neighbors' houses. The sound of laughter, playing babies, and story-telling filled the air around us. We were unaware of it, but the sky above us began to gather a mess of grey clouds-- and before long, that mess of clouds started to dump thousands of little raindrops upon us. The sun, as stubborn and brilliant as she is, refused to be overrun by the storm. She spat out vibrant rays of light that turned the rain into sparkling flecks of gold. And just like that, the evening became illuminated with magic

Some people claim that magic isn't real; I choose to believe that it is. Magic is everywhere, but you'll only find it when you take the time to seek it out. Most people just dismiss it as the mediocrities of life-- don't be one of those people.  

There is magic in moments like last night: golden rain, loved ones all around, and a heart so full of happiness that it just may burst. There is magic in reading a book in a hammock strung between two trees dancing in the summer breeze. There is magic in each delicious bite of your favorite ice-cream. There is magic in those first moments each morning, as sleep lingers on your eyes and the sun kisses your cheeks softly by sending it's dazzling light peeking through the slats of your blinds. There is magic everywhere, really, but you have to learn to find it in the little things.



  1. I love those photos! You are so right, that rain really is golden :) and I am also a believer in magic. I feel like you're going to see in life what you choose to see, so why not choose to see good?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It was such a pretty evening! I love when it's sunny and rainy all at the same time. I'm glad that I'm not the only person who still believes in magic. :)


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