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The Fourth of July this year was a total blast! It was my first time getting to experience the way that Taylor's family celebrates Independence Day-- and let me tell you, Gunthers' know how to have fun. We lathered our swimsuit-clad bottoms with dish soap and then repeatedly launched ourselves down a massive home-made waterslide. Needless to say, we've got a couple of bumps and bruises as a result of a little too much fun...

Tay and I began our new family tradition of getting matching T-shirts for the Fourth of July! This year we bought our shirts at Target the morning of (and don't worry, we didn't forget to buy Kingsley a shirt too-- his cracked me up because everywhere he ran the words "USA #1" would follow him). Maybe next year we'll buy our attire a bit more in advance, but then again, we're exceptionally good at doing things in the spur of the moment.

Once the slide was put away and things settled down a bit, we got to try out our new High Hopes Hammock that we won from an instagram giveaway a couple of weeks ago (yes, you actually CAN win those things). It was relaxing up until the point when Tay and I opted to get in the hammock together... our attempt at hammock snuggles turned into major hammock struggles. I guess that's to be expected when you put two extremely awkward humans in one little hammock... all struggles aside, however, we give the hammock five stars!

We ended the night laying on the trampoline in my parents' backyard as fireworks illuminated the sky in every direction. The crackles and pops erupting in the summer sky filled my heart with gratitude for this lovely country that we live in; I can only imagine the emotions that ran through the veins of all those people who got to experience the birth of America. A heavy cloud of smoke settled over little happy valley and the constant explosion of fireworks continued even into the wee hours of the night.

Happy Birthday, America.
We sure do love you. 

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