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As always, it's been a hectic week for us. Ever since we got married, things haven't really slowed down for us. BUT-- we've officially (like, for reals this time) made our way back to Utah county. We wrapped up our St. George adventure, packed up all of our stuff into our two cars (again), and made our way "home." Believe it or not, this time we're actually planning on staying here for a while. We'll always be traveling adventurers at heart, of course, but I suppose that doesn't mean that we can't have a home base for a while. (I guess it's important in society to go to school and have a real job and stuff... which kinda requires a person to plant some roots in a specific place for a certain period of time, if you know what I mean...)

Taylor turned twenty-two yesterday. I don't feel old enough to be married to a twenty-two year old. I guess that just means that I'm nearly twenty-two myself (but we're not going to even think about that yet). We spent the day being around loved ones, eating good food, and chillin'. We didn't do anything "big" or "extraordinary" on behalf of his birthday, but we were both kind of worn out after everything that's been going on. It was just nice to be together. I sure do love that dude (insert heart-eye emoji here). He's such a good example to me. I learn from him every single day.

Side note: we celebrated 7/11 day with free slurpees. We were one of the first people to show up this year! Last year we waited until the end of the day to go and claim our free slurps and that didn't exactly work out in our favor (the machines were completely fried and we ended up with half a cup full of random juices). Two of my younger siblings tagged along for the fun as well-- the more the merrier, right?

I'd write more, but my eyelids are getting a little too heavy for my weaning will-power to stay awake. There's always so much to say, but life always tends to get in the way. I guess I'd better get used to that, huh?


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