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I looked up all the best hikes to do and places to go in St. George and one of the places that constantly kept coming up was Gunlock Falls. It sounded like a pretty cool place, and after seeing all the gorgeous photos of it, I was pretty convinced that I had to go check it out for myself. Now, looking back, I have to laugh at myself because all of the posts I read about it were pretty outdated... I didn't think much about that until I actually drove out to Gunlock State Park and discovered that Gunlock Falls had all but dried up! (LOL but also SAD TEARS) 

It was still a pretty cool place to visit, though. We climbed up atop a a massive rock and watched the sun sink below the horizon. The sunsets in St. George have been so lovely, hazy, and golden. It's quite spectacular, really. I've been swooning over all the magical light (but also I've been dying to have some people come and model for me, I mean really). 

In other news, we've got some cool things coming up real soon! We're about to make another life change (surprise, surprise, right?) and I'm pretty happy with the direction in which we are headed. I guess I'll talk about that when things actually start to unfold, though. 

Happy Friday! 

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